I make movies where women get to do the things that men always get to do. I make movies where women face high pressure situations and make complicated decisions to survive. That is real life. In real life women do all the same things men do, and usually find themselves in more complex situations because of the weight of their gender. There is absolutely no reason a female-driven film shouldn’t appeal to all audiences when it’s approached just like a male-driven film: thrilling, tough, edgy and provocative. A good story is a good story.

I am dedicated to stories about important issues, stories that provoke real thought and reaction. Audiences should leave the theater (or get up off their couches, let’s be real) angry, high, elated, ready to discuss what they’ve seen – anything but simply wondering what they will eat next. Anything other than returning to the numbing drug of staring at their phones. Movies are expensive and consume life energy from hundreds of people. If a movie is going to be made, it better be fucking about something.

I only work with high octane stories. I despise boring movies, slow and uselessly introspective. I feel life ticking away when I am held hostage by a narcissistic art film. Stories should entertain and have a purpose. THAT is high art.

In BEAUTIFUL THINGS we can have it all. A strong woman - who happens to be a mother - in a terrifying life-or-death predicament. A real-life horror film. We explore our collective worst fear: going about our normal lives when a monster appears and rips the world apart. It’s real, and it’s happening every day.

BEAUTIFUL THINGS has insanely explosive ingredients. With the right focus, nuanced character development, realistic setting and fearless execution it can be unprecedented, relevant, and provocative. This movie can be fucking thrilling.  

- Elizabeth Wood, NYC 2016